Volunteer Reminder: Getting Approved for Transportation

Original Photo Credit: Neil Smith --- adjusting the mirror (a little boy adjusting the driver's mirror of a car through the open window)
Photo: Neil Smith

When SB 1960 was passed unanimously by the House, the Senate and signed into law by Governor Rick Scott during the 2012 legislative session, one of the included provisions created Florida Statute ยง 39.8296(2)(b)(7), permitting guardian ad litem volunteers to transport children represented by the Florida Guardian ad Litem Program.

The added ability of our volunteers to transport program-represented children was a great step forward for the advocacy for our children. The Transportation Guidelines document—effective as of June 1, 2012—clarifies who may transport children, the pre-qualification conditions that must be met by the volunteer and the process required to gain final authorization.

As a reminder to our volunteers, if you have not yet been approved to drive children on your cases and wish to do so, please contact your child advocacy coordinator. They will help you proceed through the approval process and answer any questions that you may have.

We thank all of our volunteers for their unmatched protagonism when it comes to the children in our community!

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