Circuit Director and Volunteer Recruiter Selected For New Statewide 'I Am For The Child' Marketing Committee

I am for the child

On Friday, November 18, 2016, Florida Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program Executive Director Alan Abramowitz announced the establishment of a new statewide marketing committee. This committee will serve in an advisory role to the statewide office and its nonprofit foundation regarding the marketing and relaunch of the "I am for the child" campaign.

We are especially proud to have two representatives — Circuit Director Deborah Moore and Volunteer Recruiter Sara Blumenthal — on this committee, which is comprised of ten members serving a term of two years.

"Indicating a willingness to serve on the statewide marketing committee, as you did, was a gift of offered leadership that is highly prized," said Abramowitz in his announcement email.

Moore, Blumenthal and the other members will help develop "concepts, plans, strategies, programs and activities that support, facilitate and guide the marketing efforts" of the campaign.

The membership of the new committee is as follows.

  1. Deborah Moore
    Second Circuit Director, Member of the National CASA Suburban Council

  2. Sara Blumenthal
    Second Circuit Volunteer Recruiter

  3. Bryan Carter
    First Circuit Director

  4. Melinda Brown
    Fourth Circuit Director

  5. Lauren Manville
    Seventh Circuit Volunteer Recruiter

  6. Suzanne Trump
    Fifth Circuit Child Advocate Coordinator

  7. Megan Wade
    Thirteenth Circuit Volunteer Recruiter

  8. Nicole Toque
    Nineteenth Circuit Volunteer Recruiter

  9. Jessica Allen
    Eleventh Circuit Director, Member of National CASA Urban Council

  10. Shaw Thomas
    Fifteenth Circuit Non-Profit President (Speak Up For Kids)

Congratulations to Moore, Blumenthal and the other eight members of the new committee.

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