New and Updated Events, Optima Links, Staff Directory and eForm Update

New Events

We regularly host, sponsor and support a variety of events that provide community outreach, increase awareness of our program, help recruit new volunteers, raise funds and furnish training to our volunteer guardians ad litem. The following events were added to our calendar.

You can also browse and access events on our calendar grid.

Event Update

Online registration for the upcoming GAL Foundation Regional Volunteer Conference in Panama City, Florida is now open. The registration link has been added to the event page.

Optima Links

Optima is our web-based case management system, which provides volunteers with instant access to information on the cases that they are assigned. We created the shortlink to make it easy to access Optima. This link is available on the following pages.

Staff Directory and eForm Update

Our staff directory on the Contact page plus our Child Visitation Report and Report to the Court eForms have been updated to reflect recent personnel changes.

Child Advocate Manager Janay Davis and Child's Best Interest Attorney Jason Miller have departed. We thank Janay and Jason for their service and wish them the best with their future endeavors.

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