eForm Update Improves Performance and Usability

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An updated version of our eForm application has been launched and is currently available for use.

First introduced on Wednesday, July 8, 2015, eForm provides a streamlined way to submit forms and reports to program staff. Featuring dynamic fields and controls, eForm is easy to use on any device at home or out in the field.

The new version of eForm includes numerous changes to the interface and under the hood.

  • Core Upgrade
    The underlying software was upgraded to the latest version, which includes security and performance improvements.

  • Visual Update
    A new interface theme, based on the original, was created to be compatible with the core upgrade. It includes changes to increase legibility and performance.

  • Improved Compatibility
    The new theme also includes enhancements to improve rendering on all devices, especially smaller ones such as smartphones and tablets.

  • Options Removed
    The options to view, download and save submissions were removed due to incompatibility with the core upgrade. The existing email option can be used for this instead.

You can browse a list of forms, reports and documents both in eForm and print-ready format by visiting the Form and Document Library on the Current Volunteers page.

We hope that volunteers and staff will find the new eForm changes to be an improvement. Either way, your feedback and bug reports are always appreciated.

You can submit your feedback using the Contact eForm — select the "Website" option on the "Subject" drop-down menu — or by posting a comment to this post using the form below.

Thank you!

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