New Email Feature Added To eForm, Plus Event Update

eForm Upgrade

We have added a new feature to eForm to help individuals keep their own records. Submitters now have the option to provide an email address on the "Finish" page and then receive an email copy of their submission.

This new option is now available on the following forms.

  • Child Visitation Report eForm
  • Contact eForm
  • Continuing Education eForm*
  • Report to the Court eForm

* providing an email address was always required, so this feature already existed

Thank you to Katherine Blyth for sending in a feature request for this option, which was coincidentally already under consideration.

Event Update

The 2015 Guardian ad Litem Holiday Gift Drive event page has been updated to include a new primary event contact, Omega Wynn. His email address and telephone number are now listed in the Event Contact section.

You can visit to learn all about this annual special event.

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