Every End Is A Beginning: Sunsetting 'The Guardian' Newsletter

The Guardian newsletter March–April 2012 issue front page
The Guardian, March–April 2012

The end of an era took place back in April 2013 when our program's newsletter, The Guardian, published its final traditional issue. Today we are announcing the official sunset of this publication.

Originally formatted for print, The Guardian's volunteer editor Tommye Hutto CAII Partner took great care to prepare an attractive newsletter for our volunteers and staff that highlighted program news, provided important updates and shared event photographs.

With Hutto's departure from the area and this blog having become the primary source of news and information for our program, The Guardian switched to an email format in August 2013.

During a brief volume run, staff curated existing blog posts for inclusion in the newsletter. The process required both staff and volunteer time, however, ultimately resulting in a lack of issues.

Now eighteen months since the last issue was published, it is time to retire The Guardian. Although nostalgically lamentable, this decision represents the best use of our limited resources.

So how exactly does someone get our news?

There are several existing ways to stay informed about our blog content. In addition, we are pleased to add a new method for your convenience — and in honor of The Guardian.

Here are all of the ways that you can get our news and updates.

  • gal2.org Updates    new
    Subscribe to gal2.org Updates to receive an email digest on Mondays at 8:00 AM when new blog content has been published during the previous week. From the subscription page, you can also access the email archive hosted by MailChimp. Please note that subscribers to the old email newsletter have been migrated to gal2.org Updates.

  • Twitter
    Follow us on Twitter @flguardian2 to get new blog post notifications and other content.

  • Facebook
    Like us on Facebook to get new blog post notifications and other content.

  • RSS Feed
    Subscribe to our RSS Feed in your favorite feed reader to receive new content when it is published. Full-text copies of blog posts are contained within the feed, although most formatting only works when the posts are viewed on the website.

These options are also available on the blog's main page. Should you have any questions about them, feel free to comment on this post or contact our office.

As for The Guardian's archive, it remains intact on the Newsletters page for historical reference. If you have a copy of an issue not available in our archive, please let us know so that we can add it.

In closing, we give our thanks to Tommye Hutto and every volunteer or staff member who worked on The Guardian during its run.

2015-08-02: added note that subscribers to the old email newsletter have been migrated

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