Kudos: Four Outstanding Volunteers

I have worked with a lot of amazing guardians ad litem recently. Kudos to the following four volunteers who made a difference!

  • Taylor Greenberg
    Thank you for always being so on top of your case and being ready to jump to action when the unexpected happens.
  • Frank Platt
    If I did not know that you were the guardian ad litem, I might have though you were the mediator. You are able to maintain positive working relationships with all parties on your case — a very useful skill!
  • Lisa Peerson
    You are a top-notch guardian ad litem, an ever so helpful volunteer team leader and now a superstar foster parent. You are one of the best jugglers that I know!
  • Elizabeth Adejokun-Ojo
    You are so committed to your guardian ad litem kids. When placements occur, you are ready to visit as soon as you get the address, no matter how far the child has gone. Thanks for your dedication!
Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)

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