Executive Director Alan Abramowitz Reappointed

On Friday, December 27, 2013, Governor Rick Scott announced the reappointment of Statewide Guardian ad Litem Program Executive Director Alan Abramowitz.

First appointed by Governor Charlie Crist on December 29, 2010, Abramowitz will now serve a new three-year term from December 30, 2013 to December 29, 2016.

"I appreciate the Governor's support for the program and the thousands of volunteers," Abramowitz said after his reappointment.

"It has been my honor to represent you and all our wonderful volunteers and staff for the past three years and we look forward to the challenges and the successes for children we give a voice to in the coming three years."

Many of Abramowitz's accomplishments have been detailed on this blog including the Quality-Parenting for Children in Foster Care Act (Senate Bill 164); updated Standards of Operation; the passage of Senate Bill 1960 permitting guardian ad litem volunteers to transport children; and additional funding for the program.

Congratulations to Alan Abramowitz on his reappointment. As he recently said, "together we are making a difference for Florida's children."

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