Kudos: Stuart Zirin

Stuart Zirin deserves some serious kudos. On a recent weekend, he visited the youth in his case in a South Florida corrections facility.

Stuart has worked hard on behalf of the youth to try keep his education on track. The youth is a bright young man with the ability to succeed if he can stay out of trouble and focused on learning. However, the youth now has restrictions on internet access — due to violations on his part — and this has impacted his ability to continue his education online.

Stuart continues to look into how this young man can pursue his education while incarcerated. In the meantime, he brings and mails books to the youth in order to keep his mind active and focused on education and development of self. Stuart said that the youth was happy to see him and that he plans to keep on driving down for visits.

One thing is for sure, this young man certainly has a better chance at success with someone like Stuart in his corner!

Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)

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