Kudos: Jim Anderson

I want to give kudos to Jim Anderson who extended himself to do courtesy visits for guardian ad litem youth placed in Jacksonville, Florida in the Fourth Judicial Circuit. He has been available to assist and provide a much needed service as many of our youth are placed in the Jacksonville area.

As a favor, Jim once met with one such youth before she moved to begin college. He was able to recognize what an extraordinary youth she is in just one hour. He provided vital information on her status to the child advocacy coordinator in Tallahassee.

He also took the initiative to find out what resources will be available to her once she begins college and when she ages out of foster care, as well as offering to help fill in the gaps. Jim Anderson is clearly an enthusiastic and committed guardian ad litem!

Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)
2013-08-11: corrected author to Caitlyn Kio.

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