Guardian ad Litem Volunteer Wins Family Champion Award

Congratulations to volunteer guardian ad litem Karen Ish who was nominated for and won the Children's Home Society of Florida Family Champion award.

Ish, along with recipients from other organizations, accepted the award during a ceremony held on Saturday, August 24, 2013 at 9:30 AM at the Thomasville Road Baptist Church.

When informing Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program Circuit Director Deborah Moore of Ish's achievement, Trauma Therapist Katie Klütz with the Children's Home Society of Florida referred to Ish as a "superstar volunteer" and we are very proud of her work.

The Children's Home Society considers several attributes when nominating individuals for the Family Champion award. In their words, family champions…

  • believe that children need families that will love, heal, and nurture them;
  • know that our team is made up of equal and distinct partners committed to communication, support, encouragement and mutual respect; and
  • demonstrate that we are working to strengthen families during challenging times so children can grow up in safe, healthy environments.

Without volunteers like Karen Ish, we would not be able to meet our mission. Thank you to Children's Home Society for recognizing Ish's achievements.

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