Kudos: Sandi Wise

I want to give kudos to Sandi Wise, a volunteer guardian ad litem from Volusia County (Seventh Judicial Circuit) who has been providing courtesy support for one of our children. She has gone way above and beyond what the typical courtesy guardian ad litem does and even above and beyond what many primary guardians do.

Sandi sorted out the child's educational records and got her on track in school. She organized and attended meetings to ensure the child's education and services were in order. Even when there was a lack of response from other parties, she remained committed to ensuring the child was receiving all that she was entitled to and needed.

Sticking with the child to provide the best possible advocacy right up until the moment the child returned to Leon County, Sandi intends to remain in contact and be available to the child if needed. Sandi Wise is the ultimate courtesy guardian ad litem!

Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)

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