Tally Connection Features GAL in Giveaway for Good

Giveaways For Good - for your and your community - TallyConnection.com (get in touch with your community)

Thank you to Tally Connection for recently featuring the Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program in their Giveaways For Good program.

Tally Connection is a public service of FSU Credit Union created "to help strengthen ties in our community" as well as "give residents and business owners alike a convenient way to stay connected."

Lucky winner Chelsy Ray received two tickets to the Tallahassee Ballet's rendition of Beauty and the Beast today at FSU's Nancy Smith Fichter Dance Theatre.

For every entry that made for this giveaway, one dollar will be donated by FSU Credit Union in support of our program.

Congratulations to Chelsy and thank you to Tally Connection and the Tallahassee Ballet for highlighting our important mission.

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