Ann Scott: Letter of Appreciation

Last week, First Lady Ann Scott wrote a letter of appreciation to all of Florida's volunteer guardians ad litem.

You can download the original letter or read the text below.


November 23, 2011

Dear Guardian ad Litem Volunteer,

Thank you for your courage and commitment to abused and neglected children in Florida. As a mother, grandmother, and First Lady of Florida, I appreciate your hard work and applaud your volunteerism on behalf of our youngest and most vulnerable. I am personally committed to helping all children in Florida have a safe and permanent home. Thank you for sharing this goal.

The advocacy you provide as a guardian ad litem volunteer is vital to every child in the child welfare system. Children with a guardian ad litem volunteer are much more likely to find a safe and permanent home and less likely to languish in foster care.

Your independent advocacy extends well beyond the courtroom. Your advocacy prevents homelessness and reduces the chances a child will bounce from home to home or school to school. Your advocacy is a reminder that children are astonishing little humans and not statistics, numbers, or case files. You provide hope, unconditional support, and normalcy in an ever-changing and unpredictable world.

Our community benefits as a whole from your good work. Together, we will make Florida a place where all of our children are safe, healthy, ready to learn, and prepared to achieve their full potential.

Thank you for your service to the children of Florida this holiday season and throughout the New Year.


Ann Scott
First Lady of Florida

Special thanks to Alan Abramowitz for sharing this letter.

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