Walking the Walk: Self-Care in the Face of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma

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Thursday, March 26, 2020

The Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program is hosting a continuing education event of interest to volunteer guardians ad litem.

Join us on Thursday, March 26, 2020 from 5:30 PM to 7:30 PM at our offices on Thomasville Road for Walking the Walk: Self-Care in the Face of Compassion Fatigue and Vicarious Trauma.

Sponsored by our Volunteer Advisory Committee and presented by its chairperson Leigh Merritt, this interactive workshop will explore compassion fatigue, characterized by deep emotional and physical exhaustion and by a shift in a helping professional's sense of hope and optimism about the future and the value of their work.

The level of compassion fatigue or vicarious trauma a "helper" or a guardian ad litem experiences can ebb and flow from one day to the next. Even very healthy individuals with optimal life/work balance and self-care strategies can experience a higher than normal level of compassion fatigue or trauma when they are overloaded, are working with a lot of traumatic content, or find their responsibilities suddenly overwhelming; working with families who are chronically in crisis.

The workshop uses Françoise Mathieu's curriculum that has been offered across North America over the past several years. Past participants have reported feeling inspired to make meaningful changes in their personal, professional and organizational lives in addition to learning practical strategies for identifying and dealing with the costs of caring.

Participants may receive two (2) hours of continuing education credit. Afterward, report your hours using Optima.

The event is free. You can download a print flyer and register with the event contact below.

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2020-03-26: This in-person training session is cancelled due to COVID-19.
First Published March 1, 2020