Ten New Events, Twelve New Continuing Education Library Items and an Event Update

Several new and updated items were recently published to our website including continuing education events, continuing education library items and sponsors for the upcoming CAII Cupcakes and Cookies for Kids fundraiser.

Event Update

Logo: CAII Cupcakes and Cookies for Kids

In case you did not see our recent blog post about it, the CAII Cupcakes and Cookies for Kids fundraiser on Saturday, April 18, 2015 is approaching quickly.

With proceeds benefiting the Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program, CAII Cupcakes and Cookies for Kids is a friendly competition for amateur and professional bakers and an opportunity for the public to raise money for our program by sampling the various goods.

We are happy to welcome Wing Stop as a prize donor as well as Alsco and the Holy Mother of God Greek Orthodox Church as in kind donors.

There is still time to register as a baker or sponsor and to purchase tasting cards online, so visit gal2.org/cupcake for complete details.

New Events

We regularly host, sponsor and support a variety of events that provide community outreach, increase awareness of our program, help recruit new volunteers, raise funds and furnish training to our volunteer guardians ad litem. The following events were recently added to our calendar.

Continuing Education Library

Twelve new library items have been added to our Continuing Education resource center.

If you still need to complete hours of continuing education, the group of articles may be read for twelve (12) hours of credit. Review the annual requirements for additional information on this special continuing education opportunity.

  • Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder, Asperger Syndrome
    A short article describing Autism, Autism Spectrum Disorder, Pervasive Developmental Disorder and Asperger Syndrome; early intervention research and locations for additional information.
    filed under Disabilities, Educational Advocacy, Mental Health and Article

  • Bonding and Attachment in Maltreated Children
    A paper by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD on the consequences of emotional neglect in childhood as it relates to bonding and attachment in maltreated children.
    filed under Early Childhood, Families, Victimization of Children and Article

  • Bullying and Victimization Among Students with Disabilities: Effective Strategies for Classroom Teachers
    An article by Chad A. Rose, PhD and Lisa E. Monda-Amaya, PhD designed to give teachers, administrators and researchers a fundamental understanding of bullying behavior and strategies for intervening in schools and classrooms.
    filed under Educational Advocacy, Older Youth, Victimization of Children and Article

  • Children and Domestic Violence
    An article by the National Child Traumatic Stress Network on domestic violence, how exposure to domestic violence affects children, identifying children affected by domestic violence, therapy options and additional resources.
    filed under Domestic Violence, Victimization of Children and Article

  • Everything You Need to Know About Becoming a Better Listener
    An article by Sarah Green about ways to improve listening skills; understand how tracks and sidetracks work; and apply emotional filters.
    filed under Guardians ad Litem and Article

  • Fostering Success in Education: National Factsheet on the Educational Outcomes of Children in Foster Care
    A research paper from January 2014 on why education matters to children in foster care including nationwide data, findings and references — plus a brief questions and answers sheet.
    filed under Educational Advocacy and Article

  • Helping Traumatized Children
    A booklet by Bruce D. Perry, MD, PhD and the ChildTrauma Academy developed to assist parents, caregivers, teachers and various professionals working with maltreated and traumatized children.
    filed under Guardians ad Litem, Victimization of Children and Article

  • Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative Issue Briefs 1–6
    Six briefing papers from the Jim Casey Youth Opportunities Initiative covering foster care topics and a range of related issues.
    filed under Communities, Families, Foster Care, Older Youth and Article

  • Mental Illness in Children
    A short article describing common mental illnesses in children; causes and risk factors; signs and symptoms; diagnostic and treatment; and general prognoses.
    filed under Mental Health and Article

  • Psychotropic Medication and Children in Foster Care: Tips for Advocates and Judges
    A practice and policy brief by JoAnne Solchany, PhD, ARNP on the use of medication in healing; common disorders for which medication may be used for treatment; drawbacks from the use of medications; and additional questions and answers.
    filed under Dependency, Foster Care, Psychotropic Medication and Article

  • Questions and Answers on Individualized Education Program, Evaluations and Reevaluations
    Thirty questions along with cited answers on a range of topics involving individualized education programs (IEPs).
    filed under Disabilities, Educational Advocacy and Article

  • Role of Healthy Relationship Interactions in Buffering the Impact of Childhood Trauma, The
    A chapter by Christine R. Ludy-Dobson and Bruce D. Perry from 'Working with Children to Heal Interpersonal Trauma: The Power of Play' on how healthy interactions may buffer the impact of trauma.
    filed under Guardians ad Litem, Victimization of Children and Article

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