Kudos: Four Outstanding Volunteers

We have worked with a lot of amazing guardians ad litem recently. Kudos to the following four volunteers who made a difference!

  • Barbara Donaldson
    Kudos to Barbara for putting in a lot of time and work on a very difficult case and always making herself available when something comes up. Barbara is also the child's educational surrogate and put a tremendous amount of work into seeking out the proper school placement for her. Amazing job, Barbara!
  • Tom Cordi
    Kudos to Tom for refusing to let his seventeen-year-old slip through the cracks. Thank you, Tom, for your intense advocacy in helping to meet your youth's educational needs.
  • Jane and Pat Dallet
    Kudos to Jane and Pat for hanging in there over the past five years, continually advocating for one young man who definitely needs them. They have encouraged, guided and been there for him. They even lectured him when he needed it! With his eighteenth birthday around the corner, they advocated for him to be placed in a driver's education class so he could get his license before moving out on his own. In helping him to prepare for independence, they have taken him on tours of college and vocational school campuses and provided him with opportunities to work and volunteer. Thank you, Jane and Pat, for your determination and dedication to this youth.
  • Anne Martin
    Kudos to Anne for sticking with a very frustrating case. The youth is just an infant and has provided, by far, the most joyous interaction she has had with anyone in the case. She has made herself available to assist both of the parents throughout in order to help them complete their case plan tasks. This has not been easy due to the parent's mental health issues, but Anne has handled those situations with grace. Thank you, Anne, for your patience and understanding in dealing with this difficult and highly contested case.
Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)

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