New Pre-Service Training Videos and Resources

Original Photo Credit: Ed Yourdon --- Riverside Park stroll - June 2008 - 010 (a woman helps a child play tee ball)
Photo: Ed Yourdon

Thanks to the First Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program, we have been able to expand our website's pre-service training resource page.

Our new training videos section features twelve videos, each of which is also accompanied by a slide deck. In addition, quizzes for each section are included for review and self-evaluation.

The videos, slides and quizzes join existing information on our pre-service training program, a downloadable volunteer training manual and a list of upcoming training classes in our circuit. A state-specific addendum to the training manual has also been added.

Visit the Training page today to access the basic information, manual, videos and class list.

Volunteer guardians ad litem are required to complete thirty hours of pre-service training in order to become certified and then undergo regular recertification. Our comprehensive curriculum includes classroom learning, reading, court observation and practice activities.

Guardians ad litem are citizens who volunteer to represent children before the court, social service agencies and the community. Volunteers are trained and supervised by our program's staff and attorneys. On average, guardians ad litem devote approximately eight to ten hours per month and while doing so create relationships that can make a huge impact on children's lives.

To become a guardian ad litem, you must be at least twenty-one years old, pass a criminal background and complete a thirty-hour pre-service training program. Young adults nineteen or twenty years old may become certified and are allowed to work under the guidance of and in partnership with a guardian ad litem twenty-one or above.

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