Kudos: Robin Barrow

We really enjoy sharing Kudos posts, special thank you and congratulatory messages to our volunteers from program staff. In this instance, the kudos to our volunteer comes from a child advocacy coordinator in the neighboring Fourteenth Judicial Circuit.

In an email to our Circuit Director Deborah Moore, CAC Carol Ann Fischer shared her gratitude and spoke quite highly of our volunteer, Robin Barrow.

Good Morning Deborah:

I wanted to take a minute to send a quick thank you and hope you will please pass it on to your volunteer.

Your circuit has been providing courtesy for us on [a case] and Robin Barrow has been the [guardian ad litem volunteer]. She is excellent. We had a [termination of parental rights] trial this week and she came over for the trial and was a huge support for the child during her testimony.

She is an awesome volunteer and the fact that she took time to drive to [Panama City] for the trial and be here with the child is so wonderful.

Thank you so much and if you will please extend our thanks to Robin.

Carol Ann Fischer
Child Advocate Coordinator II
Fourteenth Judicial Circuit

Thanks to Carol Ann Fischer for sharing this with us and to Robin Barrow for her exemplary work!

Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)

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