Kudos: Six Outstanding Volunteers

I have worked with a lot of amazing guardians ad litem recently. Kudos to the following six volunteers who made a difference!

  • Stacey Burnsfor being "clutch"
    We had an emergency hearing with very complicated issues and no time to prepare, but I knew that I could put Stacey on the spot because she knows her case so well. And she did great; I couldn't have gotten through it without her!
  • Jennifer Jennings-Gloverfor being a super investigator
    Jennifer is so on top of her case and knows what's going on with everybody involved. Thanks to her input and information, I was able to pursue a motion to change a case plan knowing that I had a solid evidentiary basis.
  • Debbie Leofor putting up with one of the most unstable cases
    Debbie takes calls from the child and parents even at all hours of the night. She shows up to the home to help calm explosive situations and provide much needed support for the child.
  • Patti Sanzonefor driving a child all the way to Mississippi to attend her father's funeral
    Patti offered and was willing to take the child, even on extremely short notice. This trip provided the child with an invaluable opportunity to connect with family members, some of whom she had not seen in quite some time or ever met.
  • Carol Ostapchukfor her amazing patience and support for the family on her case
    Carol goes out of her way to be in contact with both parents and be available when they need her. She even recently bought the mother a stroller and other supplies for the baby she is expecting.
  • Tamara Rossfor doing such a great job testifying at a TPR court hearing
    This was her first case and you would have thought she was a pro. Even the judge commented on how credible she was during the hearing.
Original Photo Credit: WoodleyWonderworks --- thank you note for every language ('thank you' written in various languages)
2013-10-15: updated Jennings-Glover and Ostapchuk volunteer names

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