Introducing the Next Generation of "The Guardian"

You can now receive important news, information and updates right in your email inbox — suitable for reading offline or printing.

We are pleased to announce that our official newsletter, The Guardian, is transitioning to a new electronic and monthly format.

The newest incarnation of The Guardian, which premieres with the August 2013 issue, features staff-selected blog posts in their entirety, with topics including program news, training opportunities and tips for volunteers and mentors.

Published close to the end of the month, issues also contain a special message from the circuit director, a snapshot of the upcoming month's events calendar and links to the past month's published blog posts.

Readers of The Guardian will find their favorite columns now published on our blog. Those regular features — Continuing Education, Director's Column and Kudos — join Ask a Mentor, In Print and Take 5 as special categories that you can read individually.

The shift to an electronic publication comes in part as a natural evolution of our website. Over the past twenty-one months, has grown to become the hub of information for the Second Judicial Circuit Guardian ad Litem Program and our volunteers.

Circuit Director Deborah Moore acknowledges the support of CAII Partner Tommye Hutto CAII Partner for her support with the newsletter as volunteer editor.

"For more than three years, Tommye worked with our staff to create a newsletter we were always very proud to distribute," said Moore. "Having a way to share important program news and events helped our volunteers and community supporters stay connected and supportive of our program."

The need to share our news and events is as important now as ever. As a companion to our website, The Guardian aims to continue that tradition by actively delivering information while acknowledging that many people now read their news on computers, smartphones and tablets.

Visit the Newsletters page to subscribe today. On that page, you can also view past issues of The Guardian including an archive of print volumes.

If you have any questions, send us a message on the Contact page. Thank you!

2013-07-31: added link to the now-published August 2013 issue.

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