Abramowitz Update on Volunteer Recruitment Statewide

On Monday, February 11, 2013, Florida Guardian ad Litem Program Executive Director Alan Abramowitz sent an email to circuit staff and volunteers highlighting the status of recruiting efforts so far this year.

You can read Abramowitz's message below.

From Alan Abramowitz

We have good news to share regarding our guardian ad litem recruiting efforts year to date. Here are some highlights.

  • We have reached 107% of our cumulative recruiting goal through January 2013.
  • This represents 1,651 new volunteers recruited since July 2012.
  • Fifteen of 20 circuits have exceeded their cumulative recruiting goals.
  • We are within 10 percentage points of reaching our year-end goal for December 2013 of 9,136 case volunteers.
  • We currently have 8,215 case volunteers. This is the highest number of case volunteers the GAL program has ever had.
  • We project that by December 31, 2013, 12 of our 20 circuits will have reached their capacity to adequately supervise more volunteers. We use National Court Appointed Special Advocate standards of 1 paid volunteer coordinator to 38 volunteers to calculate capacity. While we can exceed these standards, the quality of support will decline and this has a critical impact on attrition of volunteers and quality of services to children.
  • If the Legislature determines that program expansion is a funding priority, we can rapidly add staff to recruit and support additional volunteer and children. I will be legislatures know that if there is an opportunity we can expand faster than our five year plan to get to 100% of children represented.

Thanks for all you do for children. You are making a difference in your advocacy for children.


Alan Abramowitz

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