Watch Alan Abramowitz on Florida Face to Face

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Statewide Executive Director Alan Abramowitz sat down today with Beth Switzer for an interview on The Florida Channel's Florida Face to Face program, "where state leaders and policymakers talk about the issues that affect Floridians."

The discussion with Abramowitz included the Guardian ad Litem Program; improved outcomes from around the state; and the value of the program's volunteers, staff and non-profits to the children in foster care.

The interview will air during this week's episode on WFSU-TV Thursday at 8:30 PM. A complete listing of television broadcast times for the entire state is also available.

The episode will also be available online on Thursday at 11:05 AM on Web Channel 1. We will update this post with a permanent link to the episode online when it becomes available.

UPDATE 2012-06-13: Added live online stream airtime and location.

UPDATE 2012-06-20: You can now watch the full episode online.

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